Sixteen-year-old Tamera lives in La Cresta, a rural fishing community on a Caribbean island. Despite having the support of relatives, including her dad, Earl, her elder sister, Mary and her best friend and first cousin, Jan, she struggles to deal with her mom’s mental health issues and the absence of her boyfriend, Dalton who moves out of the village to work. Tamera’s life is further complicated after one of her classmates disappears, and weeks turn to months without any word of the missing girl’s whereabouts. Life gets even more challenging after Tamera suffers a personal loss. This difficulty draws her and Dalton closer, but his long absences remain a test the young couple must contend with. Tamera doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but she feels as if her closest friends are moving ahead and leaving her behind. After an environmental disaster wreaks havoc in Tamera’s hometown, she longs to help, but doesn’t have any of the required skills to make an impact. With time on her hands to soul search, she makes a life changing decision that leads her in the path of potential danger. Tamera finds herself at the centre of the mystery of her classmate’s disappearance, the resolution of which shocks the people of La Cresta. 



Glynis Guevara is a Canadian writer and adult educator who was born in Barataria, Trinidad.  She attempted to write her first novel at fourteen, and even though it  was never completed she never gave up her love for writing. Several years after completing high school, she moved to London, England to study law and was admitted to the bar of England and Wales and Trinidad and Tobago. Glynis enrolled as a student at Humber College School for Writers  after she was laid off her job at a Toronto hospital; she has never stopped writing  since. In 2012, an excerpt from her manuscript,"Barrel Girl" was a finalist for the Small Axe  Literary (short fiction) competition, and the YA manuscript, “Barrel Girl” was a finalist for the inaugural Burt Award for Caribbean literature. “Under the Zaboca Tree” is her debut YA novel. Her second YA novel, “Black Beach” will be published in September 2018.